AI and Web3 Application Development 

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AI and Web3 Consulting
Let us figure out all this crazy shit for you! We’ll dedicate a core product dev team to be your squad of killers.

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AI and dApp Dev
Our squad can make your vision a reality -  strategy, UX, smart contracts, LLM & proven dev practices.

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NFT Development.
We can craft, design or create your ERC721 or ERC1155 NFTs, contracts, launch and support your growth.

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Game Dev
We can launch your next game -  strategy, experience design, game mechanics, build & promote.

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Meet Our Team

We are a team of industry veterans, non-stop tinkerers, disruptors, gamers, designers and technologists.

Ed Morrisssey

Ed Morrissey

Co-founder and Dreamkiller
Ed brings 25+ years of web experience helping  both start-ups and Fortune 100s better leverage web technology and trends. 

Perry Ratcliff

Jeremiah Harris

Chief Software Architect
Jeremiah’s infinite curiousity drives him to craft web software that balances security, world-class UX and industry best practices.

John Simanowitz

John Simanowitz

Co-founder and Dreamer
A non-stop idea machine, John refuses to play by the old rules and helps clients innovate through data-driven synthesis and creativity.

Aubrey Bryzeal

Evan Tindle

Chief Design Officer
An award-winning designer with an eye towards usability and delighting users, Evan crafts effective  experiences across all devices.

Our Manifesto

We believe in a future where web3 has disintermediated the majority of ‘middlemen’ who have historically benefitted only due to being in the middle. We believe in unbundled, distributed micro-economies enabled by blockchain technology that rebalance power away from these middlemen, thus creating a more fair, decentralized, global economic and social order.

The next generation does not belong to China, the US or Silicon Valley. It belongs to the internet – and we are internet natives.

We are just getting started.

Theodore Levitt

“Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things"

Theodore Levitt

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